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As an avid paint-ball player and gamer I was so happy when flash paint-ball games hit the market. This game is as close to playing paintball as you can without playing the real thing.
Flash Paintball
The problem from the flash paintball video game side of things is that it can be so much fun you’ll find yourself playing it all the time.

The flash paintball game is great fun with great graphics, and interesting sets of matches play the game will never get boring. This flash paintball game becomes a real adrenaline boost much like  the real sport brings.

Another great feature of the flash match is the equipment is off the hook! Most of the markers get the rate of fire that the real marker has. Again overall it is a fun game. AI teammates were smarter than most AI in games and that helps a lot in 7vs7 matches, and the ability to create your own arenas really added to the power. This game is worth checking out if you are interested in the sport and it will help learn the regulations behind the game.

No download, just play flash Paintball !

The controls are similar to other flash paintball games, but what’s different with this game is for some reason the game play has gotten much better.  Now you’re able to lean and run down the field and look around.

When you lean and move the aiming reticule moves with you, making it easy to lean out from behind a bunker and shoot. The AI in this flash paintball game are off the hook!

And almost always go for the flag when you are the last player. 

Another great aspect of this flash paintball game was the gear. Although it was cool to be able to get n new gear, the new gear had great affect on g-play. Mini’s turn into stronger guns/markers and barrels totally change accuracy. In fact, when you upgrade you can also amp up teammates attributes.

REAL Flash paintball simulator

I love the fact you can play the simulator the way it’s played on the field. It’s something I wish they always put in other flash paintball games. Sure you can get caught in crossfire but all this is all part of he game and part of the fun.

For those of you reading this playing LIVE can be fun, but this flash paintball game is the next best thing. It’s never repetitive. Just about every match is a run and shoot fiesta with cool use of bunkers. To get a closer feel of what flash paintball play can be like, check out it out early and often. If you’re a baller and love the sport, chances are you’re really going to like flash paintball. It has all of the upside of playing on a real field of battle but with flash paintball you have none of the downside like scraped knees of aching joints. So run don’t walk over to your computer and check out flash paintball game now.

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